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We’re always communicating. Cometa Coaching teaches
your teams how to open doors with words and body language.

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What are barriers
to effective communication?

Often, it is our inability to listen that gets in the way of effective communication. Our biases and preconceived notions can cause us to filter out what we don’t want to hear. Sometimes our ears and minds close when the information overwhelms us, or we lack the familiarity to engage with the topic. Other times the information being delivered can be misunderstood, causing everyone to shut down.

My Workplace Communication Coaching & Training gets to the heart of those issues and customizes a solution to address them – paving the way to a work environment that vibrates with sharing, understanding, and collaboration.

Communication Solutions

Cometa Coaching offers 3 types of Workplace Communication Coaching:

1. Mission Communication Strategy

Bake your mission and values into the company’s culture. This program helps employees to embrace and embody their company mission and values in their activities and behaviors.

2. Peer-to-Peer Communication Coaching

This program improves workplace communication and collaboration by:

  • Exploring all modes of communication, analyzing, and improving the content and methods during interactions.
  • Teaching employees how to overcome biases and cultural differences to build mutual respect in daily interactions and develop an inclusive work environment.
  • Increasing emotional intelligence as well as developing self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills to improve workplace well-being.

3. Client Engagement Training

This program helps client-facing teams improve their emotional intelligence and effectively communicate so they can make clients always feel seen and heard. Offers strategies for negotiating and conflict resolution.

Workplace Communication Coaching: Online or In-Person

Workshops can be delivered online or in-person, and the delivery, duration, and content are customized to meet the organization’s specific needs.

Single Workshop

With a duration of 2-hours, 4-hours, or an entire day.

A series of Workshops

Customized to your needs and budget, ranges from 1 to 6 workshops.

The workshop(s) can be tailored and embedded into an organization’s social event or other initiatives such as a town hall, members training programs, or conferences.

Cometa Coaching’s creative techniques help your employees unlock the power of words and body language.

Why Cometa Coaching’s Workplace Communication Coaching & Training is Different:

  • Hands-on learning – communication strategies will be learned through experience, using various techniques and approaches, from group discussions of real-life situations, and simulations to outdoor experiential learning activities.
  • A customized approach that feels designed for your people, culture, and mission.
  • Bespoke training for employee buy-in – no pre-recorded videos, no xeroxed packets,
    no stale literature, no eye rolls.
  • 20+ years of global coaching and consulting – my work across continents has taught me how to effectively train teams made up of different cultures, values, and experiences.

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Case Study

A professional association was interested in job interview training for their members. They wanted to develop skills that would prepare them for the cultural and language barriers they might encounter to make positive impressions within the job market.

After the discovery meeting, Cometa Coaching deigned a 2-hour interactive workshop specifically focused on:

  • Understanding and overcoming the cultural differences between workplaces in the US and Italy.
  • Navigating the emotional roadblocks that affected the participants’ ability to prepare and perform in a job interview.
  • Educating participants on how to properly implement their emotional intelligence and “be smart with their emotions”.

Ultimately, the participants learned effective techniques that they were able to apply in the job interview setting and to leverage their emotions so they could achieve their goals strategically.

Who Uses this Program?

Fortune 500 companies

Small and medium sized businesses


Professional Associations

Higher Education Programs

“Working with Mariateresa was like
taking a breath of fresh air…”

I enjoyed working on some of our work-related issues differently from our usual way of dealing with them and outside our comfort zones.

Pilar D.

Cometa’s Workplace Communication Coaching & Training can be designed for individuals or groups of 2 to 25.

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