Cometa Coaching Services

I design personalized, highly transformational journeys for professionals seeking growth opportunities and organizations aiming to improve their culture and collective behaviors

Executive & Career Coaching Services

Make Yourself a Priority
My One-on-One Executive and Career coaching service helps professionals realize the true potential in their professional life.

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360-degree Leadership Assessment

Shape Your Identity
I provide the DISC Assessment, SEI® Emotional Intelligence Self-assessment and 360 Degree Feedback Assessments. They are reliable and valid leadership assessments used by organizations around the globe to select and develop their talents.

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Team Effectiveness Coaching and Training

Heighten Your Team Performance
My team effectiveness coaching and training helps organizations and business leaders develop a cohesive atmosphere to increase collaboration and accountability.

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Workplace Communication Coaching and Training

Develop Exceptional Communication Skills
My workplace communication coaching and training assists professionals in developing relationship and communicational skills to improve their professional interactions.

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About Mariateresa Romeo

Executive Coach

I am an experienced executive coach and organizational behavior professional.

I specialize in individual and team performance improvement, executive presence, effective communication, leadership development, emotional intelligence, and intercultural fluency.

My Approach To Coaching

Why Should I Hire a Professional Coach?

Coaching Basics

Think about something you want to change or achieve in your personal or professional life:

Do you have the skills and resources to do it?

Do you think it is an achievable goal?

Do you feel you deserve it?

Are you taking appropriate and sustainable actions?

A professional coach can help you move from your current situation to the desired future state. Coaching is a fascinating, inspiring, and life-changing process to become more aware of your needs and desires and develop the resources to achieve them.

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