Cometa Coaching’s Approach
to Executive and Leadership Coaching

Sometimes an issue is bigger than yourself and requires an outside perspective. At Cometa Coaching, I help you realize the root causes of the challenges you’re facing, then provide insight and strategies necessary to achieve your career goals.

Cometa Coaching Services

I design personalized, highly transformational journeys for professionals seeking growth opportunities and organizations aiming to improve their culture and collective behaviors.

Executive & Career Coaching Services

Make Yourself a Priority

My One-on-One Executive and Career coaching service helps professionals realize the true potential in their professional life.

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I provide the DISC Assessment, SEI® Emotional Intelligence Self-assessment and 360 Degree Feedback Assessments. They are reliable and valid leadership assessments used by organizations around the globe to select and develop their talents.

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Team Effectiveness Coaching and Training

Heighten Your Team Performance

My team effectiveness coaching and training helps organizations and business leaders develop a cohesive atmosphere to increase collaboration and accountability.

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Workplace Communication Coaching and Training

Develop Exceptional Communication Skills
My workplace communication coaching and training assists professionals in developing relationship and communicational skills to improve their professional interactions.

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What is Executive & Leadership Coaching?

  Executive & Leadership Coaching is a service designed for working professionals who want to resolve the broader issues affecting their career and professional life. Based on the needs of each client, I create a dynamic and customized journey that puts you on the path to career fulfillment.

The Value of Executive & Leadership Coaching:

  • Develop a career strategy to clarify or change your career path.
  • Build confidence to level-up in your career.
  • Enhance communication skills to clearly convey your thoughts, motivate others, or be more strategic in your conversations.
  • Build emotional intelligence by recognizing and transforming unpleasant emotions into allies to drive performance.
  • Balance your work life and personal life to feel more fulfilled in both.
  • Navigate changes in your workplace or industry by maintaining the reign of your professional life and accepting decisions and consequences made outside of your control.
  • Develop leadership skills that allow you to effectively manage by example.
  • Reevaluate through self-discovery to find the meaning and purpose in your career path.


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About Mariateresa Romeo

Executive Coach

I am an experienced organizational behavior professional and executive and leadership coach.

After earning a Master’s degree in Science of Communication for Business and Organizations from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, I’ve spent more than 20 years working with professionals including those in tech, finance, consulting, and more. Since becoming a certified career coach in 2015, I have helped employees, entrepreneurs, and executives gain clarity in their careers by offering the insight and strategies necessary in achieving their professional goals.


Cometa Coaching is headquartered in NYC, and I’m available to meet virtually or travel to your organization.

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No judgment, no expectations, no limits. Cometa Coaching offers a safe space to explore what you really want from your career.

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