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Sometimes an issue is bigger than yourself and may require an outside perspective for guidance and clarity. My One-on-One Executive and Career Coaching service helps professionals overcome roadblocks in their professional life.

Roadblocks I help you overcome:

  • Feeling directionless, confused or frustrated about your career
  • Wanting to “level-up” in your career, but not knowing how
  • Performance issues you don’t know how to navigate
  • Struggling to manage work/life balance
  • Adapting to a new work culture or work dynamic
  • Trouble communicating with colleagues, clients, or teams
  • Difficulty navigating different perspectives and relationships
  • Lack of confidence and others’ trust and recognition as a leader

Strategy Session

Do you need urgent help preparing for an upcoming challenge or commitment in your professional life?

One-on-One Executive
& Career Coaching

Are you facing a bigger career issue you know can only be resolved through thoughtful consideration, discussion, and potentially hard decisions?

Laser-Focused Strategy Session

1 session ⋆ 60 or 90 minutes

Do you need urgent help preparing for an upcoming challenge or commitment in your professional life? Customized to the issue you’re facing, my Laser-Focused Strategy Session will prepare you for a specific engagement or task in your career. Come away from this session with a strategy and the tools you need to be confident and successful in this immediate endeavor.

What This Package is For

Speech Preparation

To be fully prepared to give an important presentation or speech, or spearhead a major event, like a conference or multi-day business meeting.

Job Interviews

Those who want to sound polished and confident for an upcoming job interview.

Difficult Conversations

Those who need to have a difficult discussion, like ending a partnership, addressing work frustrations, or resolving conflicts.

Negotiation Help

People who want to maintain the upper hand during an important negotiation.

One-on-One Executive
& Career Coaching

6 sessions ⋆ 1 hour ⋆ 3 months


 12 sessions ⋆ 1 hour ⋆ 6 months

Are you facing a bigger career issue you know can only be resolved through thoughtful consideration, discussion, and potentially hard decisions? Is there something bothering you about your professional life that you can’t even begin to figure out?

My One-on-One Executive Career & Coaching Service is designed for working professionals who want to resolve broader issues affecting their career and professional life. Based on the needs of each client, I create a dynamic and customized journey that puts you on the path to career fulfillment.

What This Package is For

People Management

Those who want to be more effective in their role as a leader and be seen as a role model, create accountability within their team, and delegate with ease

Emotional Intelligence

Individuals who want to be “smart with their emotions”, recognize emotions in themselves and others, and transform unpleasant emotions like anger, fear, and anxiety into allies to drive performance.


Individuals who are looking for meaning in their career, want to connect with their sense of purpose, and want to discover the right path for them.

Career Strategy

People who want clarity or change in their career path and need a strategy to get there.


Anyone who wants to get to a promotion or to the next echelon in their career. 

Communication Strategy

Those who want to be better at communicating their intentions and needs at work, motivate others, and be more strategic in their daily conversations

Leadership Development

Those who want to develop an executive presence, be viewed as a leader, create a vision (for themselves or for their organization), learn how to take risks and make difficult decisions, and develop strategic thinking.

Relationship Building

Anyone who is interested in building relationships, mending relationship breakdowns, and developing their trustworthiness.

Work/Life Balance

Anyone who wants to achieve a better balance between their work life and personal life.

Change Adoption

People who are having trouble adapting to change in the workplace or industry, but don’t want to be stuck in the past.

One-on-One Executive and Career Coaching Program

Embark on a transformative coaching journey, starting with a discovery call to assess your needs, followed by sessions dedicated to setting clear goals, and implementing steps towards success, with ongoing support and guidance.

1. Discovery Call

In this initial conversation, we talk so I can learn more about you and the career issues you’re trying to resolve.

  • I want to learn more about you to figure out if I can help you, and if I can, to determine how I should design your coaching program.
  • We discuss the reasons you have sought the help of a professional coach and what you’re hoping to gain from this process.
  • We get into specifics about the challenges you’re facing and the goals you want to achieve.
  • If at the end of the call you want to move forward, you will be given a contract that outlines the scope of Cometa’s services and what you will get with my coaching program.
2. First Coaching Session
  • This session is dedicated to establishing a clear goal.
  • We identify obstacles that stand in the way of achieving the goal. 
  • We define your vision and start working on an action plan.
  • At the end you’ll come away with clear, incremental steps to take toward your goal.
3. Second Coaching Session
  • In this session, we review the steps you took since the first session.
  • We review new developments and changes in thought.
  • We address new concerns and recalibrate if necessary.
  • You will leave the session with a new set of clear, incremental steps that build on the ones from the first coaching session.
4. Sessions 3 and Beyond

Each session has a similar structure where we address communication, relationship, or emotional issues standing in the way of achieving your goal. By applying various techniques and methodologies we break down the barriers, tackling what’s at the core of problems you face.

The sessions include:

  • Review of the action plan from the previous session and reflect on the outcome (what worked, what didn’t, and why).
  • Exercises on how to apply strategies and consolidate new behaviors.
  • Honest feedback and guidance.
  • Optional personality assessment.
  • An action plan with incremental steps working toward your ultimate goal.
  • Additional material (e.g., articles, books, podcasts) to support your goal achievement, if needed.

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No judgment, no expectations, no limits. Cometa Coaching offers a safe space to explore what you really want from your career.

Features & Benefits

Cometa Coaching’s Executive and Career Coaching service will help you:

  • Improve communication
  • Build confidence
  • Establish a clear vision and increase self-awareness
  • Heighten your emotional awareness
  • Improve intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships
  • Develop a better work/life balance
  • Gain the ability to view situations from multiple perspectives
  • Develop coaching skills

Cometa Coaching

I work with a variety of professionals including:

  • C-Suite Professionals (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, etc.)
  • Senior Management
  • Middle Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • High-potential employees
  • Graduates in search of a career path
  • Job seekers preparing for interviews

“With our conversation, I was able to sort out
the lost feelings and thoughts…”

“With our conversation, I was able to sort out the lost feelings and thoughts (they were all entangled and abstract inside me) and see my situation with more clarity. I feel more hopeful and relaxed now, knowing what I can do to improve my daily life while still aligning with my heart’s purpose.”

Monica V.

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